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History, this isn't my first attempt with a "mail2blog" service, for two years did what I wanted.

Unfortunately guessing the submit address for a mailbucket feed was simple, and the spammers found it. Other services I tested (including blogger) had no "mail2blog" feature OR required a version of SSL not supported by my browser(s) OR required a version of JavaScript not supported by my browser(s). Therefore I was forced to drop my old (pseudo-) blog redirecting the feed URL to an error page without proper HTTP error code.

Now after it works again I found that Syndic8 never gave up to poll the feed URL for its FeedID 62125.

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xyzzy said...

Apparently Syndic8 stopped to poll in June, 2010 (not only this feed, it also affected slashdot). The last published polls on Synfic8 were around 2010-01-19.


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