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New TLDs BL, MF, and TEL

Version 2.1 of rxwhois knows the new TLDs BL, MF, and TEL. The corresponding whois servers are not yet running, but already supports these TLDs. The corresponding region codes BL and MF will be added to the IANA language subtag registry in the next weeks.

Now rxwhois also supports the eleven IDN test domains. The test started 2007-10-15, but it took me until yesterday to fix a stupid bug.

The worst issue so far from my POV is that popular XHTML validators like the W3C validator don't check the URL syntax in attributes like href="URI", see bug 4916. Many users will be misled to create invalid pages with "unencoded" IRIs in document types like HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0, where that's not allowed.


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