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El cerebro del sexo

Googlebot needs a clue, and I have my own ideas about what is or isn't notable.

John Rieber (2013-10-29)

Jamie Peck for The Village Voice (2011-03-30)

Sasha Grey en L'obs (2016-01-11)

The Village Voice photo on the right is tagged with Courtesy: Vice Books (publisher of NEÜ SEX), the El Cerebro Del Sexo  photo on John Rieber's site was presumably published as Rolling Stone España (2013): La sociedad Juliette, and the photo for the David Bowie tribute 2016 is visually related to a NEÜ SEX photo on The Village Voice page 2011.

Asking Google simple questions like "Rolling Stone España 2013 Sasha Grey"  is a complete waste of time, you get hundreds of photos unrelated to anything in the query (not 2013 and not Rolling and not Stone and not Sasha and not Grey), but thanks for the Pinterest image: I can't see it on their site, they want Javascript to be the worst site ever for any kind of image, I block this, but I certainly stole that nice image.


Raise Your Flag (pt. 2)

Various cats, hamsters, 99 Luftballons, pugs, 140 billion unicorns and other magical creatures including a dragon seriously confused me, therefore I started a strategical retreat into the FoGs of Greyscale with at most one pet. Standard CCC question, what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing, until today, I found a 2017 film not yet listed in enwiki, a 2010 interview about another film with the same director and lead actor, some not so nice books about the Fields of Grey (fortunately in a NN state), and ten Google sites linking to free PDFs for the worst book, where free stood for only register with your e-mail address for a free trial followed by you're almost there, verify your address with your credit card, no costs at all.

Sure, I also loved that they couldn't predict if the PDF is actually available on their site or not. With the cheapest Amazon offer at about $ 850,– and lots of allegedly 1…3 hours old reviews, finally I got this rare e-book for free, and it is wonderful etc. One hour later I had doubled my number of Google abuse reports in this millennium (was 10, now 20.)

Checking a remaining biography I got some irrelevant search hits about the grey area, and one Twitter hit by her.😢 Without Twitter account all hashtags I really cared about were #SaveYourInternet (not necessarily agreeing with Alphabet), #the_accidental_poet (for the _poet), and #GirlsGotGroove (for Sina.) Even folks who never used Twitter get the idea of proper #metoo subsets, and that's why I'm now tackling the promised Raise Your Flag part 2 with a guaranteed number of zero pets:

The next entry will be tricky, it's definitely Liaden, but which heroine? The mathematician is brilliant while she lived, but her after-life and later resurrection are too bizarre for my tastes. Theo is clearly the best, a coming-of-age begin followed by a career as solo-fighter and renegade. OTOH if I need help against the dragon mentioned above it must be Priscilla, and the religious zealots (in my head) will try everything to have her. Some fanboys not busy with the Slytherin or the racing driver would of course pick Miri based on 5'2" up to 5'6" (and the wrong kind of red hairs, idiot boys), but that can't beat Priscilla or Theo. So, who is it, Priscilla? Thought so.

Moon is not the best of these authors, but Once a Hero is the best military SF I know (that includes Honor Harrington and what's listed above.) McMaster Bujold is brilliant, and I don't know only the Vorkosigan-Saga. However, Miles vs. Ari, it's not fair, by definition Ari is the better heroine. For Barrayar it's Cordelia vs. Ari, possibly maybe Cordelia should win, but I love coming-of-age stories as in Cyteen. Crystal singer is actually a trilogy and an exception, not the boring (for me) heroine gets at least six children, and at least one of those gets also six children plot, but a heroine who cannot get children at all. And "only" three books in a trilogy, not ten or whatever for the unicorn girl, and besides I've had it with unicorns after Hogwarts.

Griffith is a legend, and the part claiming that she's writing about sex are alternative facts: The thriller:tech:romance:sex ratio could be 9:7:3:1 on the border to not enough sex (admittedly more than all others listed above), and if you think that it's the wrong kind of sex check out The Diamond Age, neo-Victorian might be your thing. It also has a heroine and a coming-of-age plot.

Whule trying to fix all broken SVGs for Freeciv (that ultimately failed for various reasons, it can take years to not fix a single comma if it's outside of the radar of all still active maintainers) I never got to the point, where I could add Pirate Jenny as female leader to the Pirates, or just for fun Julia Reda. On YouTube folks disagree who was the best Pirate Jenny, with two or (counting Lotte Lenya) three hot candidates. I've found a fourth, Anne Kerry Ford is the most militant, demoting the others to drama queens.

Pirate flag



NSFW definitions vary wildly, YMMV. For the Penthouse July 2007 photos by Terry Richardson In The Raw 2010 NSFW makes sense. For a perfectly harmless Kobiata interview 2006 originally posted here (on Blogger) I didn't even bother to tag it as NSFW. But G+ hated the PDF or its hoster, and deleted a post with the link in my privately shared (=unlisted) Mismade Girl collection. Chilling effects, I dare not say here where I found it, for full credits see the full description in the scribd copy.

KOBIATA interview (September 2006)

"Roadside Ass-istance" from James Gunn's PG Porn

The Juliette Society (Huffington Post, 2013-08-27)


All Tomorrow's Parties

X-TG – Afraid is brilliant. And fascinating, I've seen Nico in concert two or three years before the singer was born.😜


YouTube backups

The left video belongs to a report by Sahrah Feldberg published in Las Vegas Weekly (2009-01-12), the right video was published in the now defunct Entertainment, Tech, and Culture (+ETCShow) YouTube channel as Creepy Text Adventure and contains a short interview with Sasha Grey about Open Windows:

So far I haven't figured out how to embed videos hosted by Google Photos on Blogger, but the links here cover all videos in the Mismade Girl G+ collection copied to my Google Photos account.

99 Luftballons

SOTU: Not as bad as in January, having fun with obscure record labels helps.  And I'm curious, will the next Like push the number here over 99, or is it frozen by sharing / posting?


Transparency Report 2018

Nobody is going to delete my Chilling Effects parody:

Background, 9 to 5: Days in Porn is a notable  (enwiki terminology) documentary, and typically available on YouTube in mutilated versions to bypass the ContentID filters. The issue is copyright, not the four-letter word in the title. The MOV trailer is of course also not free, but intended to be shared as promo for the movie. Nobody including popular browsers knows what a MOV used to be, therefore I converted it to MP4 and uploaded it to YouTube as historic clip with credits and other related info.

The movie site also offers some bonus clips as FLV, and today that's worse than MOV. Therefore I converted one of the bonus clips to MP4, uploaded it to YouTube, and tagged it as NSFW, because less than one of the 44 seconds in this clip is NSFW. Wild guess, Deleted Scene in the title Deleted Scene: Sasha & Roxy Girls Talk wasn't helpful for the appeal, or YouTube uses a bot to reject appeals.

G+ backup strategy

My attempt to (ab)use WAYBACK as the place to backup my G+ experiments failed, only plain text content with public pictures works as expected. Vimeo or YouTube videos or playlists don't make it, shared photos or albums on Google Photos don't make it (403), and an unlisted (shared by link) G+ collection also doesn't work. Some historic sources in the Mismade Girl collection now got their first WAYBACK backup, better than nothing.

Two video + playlist collections on G+ can die (2 of 6), the content is available on YouTube. The Buzz collection is old news and can also die together with G+. Same procedure as for the nice Google Buzz when G+ killed it:
Actually I could now delete the last two remaining files in Google Drive, the vintage 2011 Buzz PDF is irrelevant, and I copied the very relevant 23C3 video to Google Photos. 50% (2+1 of 6) done by doing nothing, not counting "talk about it" here, that's the way (I like it).

The Archive 2018 collection consists of six posts with zero followers (after killing the auto-follow bit for both archives), SEO for YT stuff (2), SEO for other YT videos (1), WikiMedia battles (1 won, 1 lost), and if wannabe-"agents"  and other sharks don't grok why aspirant celebreties must have at least one CC0, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA photo for WikiMedia it's not my fault: CC-BY-NC-ND is not good enough. Two posts were public copies of unlisted posts: 2018 done.

The Archive 2019 collection isn't closed yet, but after it's clear that Google will delete G+ (instead of only freezing G+) I'll limit further posts to some ephemeral art  intended to die in April. The nine existing posts are SEO for playlists (7), videos (1), and how I figured out YouTube channel art and the G+ idea of hashtags: 2019 done, nothing to do for 5 of 6 collections.

The 34 posts in the remaining unlisted collection can be separated in three parts:
  1. Stuff already posted here under the new tag FoG (now split from IPOAD.)
  2. Stuff already covered on enwiki, commons, or WikiData.
  3. Various historic 2006…2018 videos + interviews not yet covered elsewhere.
Testing my copy from G+ to Blogger is easy theory below, it turned out to be not at all easy, G+ has no share on blogger feature (or already lost it while shutting down), and if the news source only offers share on FB or twitter some HTML 3.2 table layout is a PITA:

Art Tavana (2016-05-26) in LA Weekly

Samantha Grasso (2018-07-15) in TheDailyDot

Sasha Grey (2018-04-19) in a Topic Monologue


Raise Your Flag (pt. 1)

After figuring out playlists and 800×450 the next obvious step is "good" old table layout with six cells for 384×216 iframes  representing the favourite music top 6 (as of today) in my Blogger profile at the bottom of all pages:

That was easy, replace any allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" by allow="" referrerpolicy="origin" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin", get rid of any moz… or webkit… cruft, possibly maybe add a title="…", and while at it put an ordinary link between <iframe …> and </iframe>. Thanks to MDN for their iframe-spell book. The next exercise in a planned Raise Your Flag (pt. 2) for favourite books will be harder, it could require hot linking of stolen cover art, maybe from enwiki, claiming "fair use" for "educational purposes".

About the title link for Raise Your Flag (pt. 1) inspired by Björk's Declare Independence, it's about an old roll your own scenario project for Freeciv 2.3, later replaced by roll your own nation (stealing the nice Aleut flag), arriving at roll your own ruleset for Freeciv 2.4…2.6. As shipped Freeciv has no nation group sisters, just flip core (about 60 nations with translations) to all (about 600 nations), then pick the classic group to find the amazones, or the imaginary group to find the hackers.

Aleut flag for the Freeciv Natives


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