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Chilling effects

Google whining about chilling effects of, e.g., EU privacy laws, makes no sense while their own YouTube Community Guidelines are a major part of the problem.  For 1/10 sec "male body part" in a historic (2008) 44 sec bonus scene of the 9to5 documentary I'm willing to find a compromise such as "blur" or even skip some frames.

OTOH 4 sec "woman douching" in a historic (2010) 214 sec interview by Clara Cullen are definitely not sexually gratifying, NSFW, or whatever.  Folks searching for four-letter words in video titles on YouTube—for the purpose of reporting this, anybody really interested in Pron would try PronHub—might be another part of the problem, but just accepting obviously bogus reports doesn't help to solve it.

Transparency report 2018
Transparency Report 2018
Transparency report 2019 (so far)
Transparency Report 2019 (so far)
…uploaded on March, 14 (PT)


Hey you, you're losing, you're losing your…

To some degree tumblr worked for me as an ersatz-Google+ or actually ersatz-Buzz: I could like some Instagram-posts automagically copied to tumblr. YouTube's "share on tumblr" feature also worked, same idea as "share on blogger". The opposite direction—share something found on tumblr elsewhere—might be tricky if you don't accept any "tumblr as a platform" spam. Or it is like SoundCloud, their default <embed>-code for sharing is horrible, with some radical manual modifications it is good enough, TBD.

Still having fun with my YouTube playlists:

"Vitamin C" on Toxic Waste

"Your Mind" on Rewind 2018

"DAF Mussolini" on Klapperstrauss
"KMFDM Mussolini" on I know it when I see it


First we take Manhattan

After some FAILs on enwiki one success, Pendu Sound Recording made it from draft to published article, 100% pure "anonymous" work (as IP, no login).  One FAIL was a GA-review for the Sasha Grey page, but it was a near miss, LC.😛  Another (related) FAIL was trying to use the Renee Ruʇn site as RS.  Not too surprising, personal sites are generally not accepted as RS, only if the person is a recognised expert in her field it could work.  Maybe I shouldn't try these enwiki stunts for fields where I'm completely lost.

My at the moment six YouTube subscribers (Hi!) will hopefully tolerate that I plan to upload all (11) historic Attack of the Show! videos with Sasha Grey found on WayBack.  As of today I collected 109 videos in the Mismade Girl playlist, 7 photos in a Kayla Crow album on Google Photos, 40 photos in a Mismade Girl album, and 15 videos in a Juliette Society album.  You can guess the name of the album with 27 NSFW photos, I don't link it here again.  Meanwhile I also found this, that, and another Tumblr account.  Maybe that could be the third candidate—together with Reddit and SoundCloud—for an account replacing Google+, after I disqualified Twitter as too hostile.


Raise Your Flag (pt. 4)

Parts 1, 2, and 3 corresponded to my Blogger profile with six favourite music videos, books, and films. Maybe I'll expand that later, today I add my top six C. J. Cherryh books suited for folks not planning to get into dubious trilogies or even the huge Foreigner saga.

I anyway don't like the male Foreigner protanogist and his unrealistic background. An elaborated State Department bureaucracy for in essence one ambassador representing one of two nations on a planet with boring marital problems makes no sense. Everything else in this saga is fine, but if I hate the hero it doesn't help.

This post is also inspired by Björk, her nice 340 MB audio download of a 2007 concert makes sadly no sense for my eight years old laptop, or for my ears, a few years older than hers ;-) The six book cover images are non-free, enwiki uses them as "fair use" on the relevant articles, and I hope that this is also okay in links to these enwiki pages:

Check out the English descriptions on Wikipedia for details, some quick notes: Actually I wanted to add Regenesis as second best after Cyteen, but they belong together, Cyteen is the first book featuring Ari Emory. I have the Baen version of The Paladin with a different cover, Wikipedia shows both. This is neither SF, nor Fantasy, it's about a heroine in a fictitious country—remotely like Japan, Korea, or China—trying to get her revenge after losing her family in a civil war, but first she has to become a sword master educated by The Paladin, another survivor and dissident, who is not immediately impressed by this rural girl.

Devil to the Belt is an omnibus of two books, the most proletarian work of Cherryh with a background history of "the rab", a youth movement, suppressed in a revolt against the companies, a part of Cherryh's Company Wars universe. Wikipedia labels it as "Alliance-Union" universe without reference; I'm not sure if that's the canonical name or "alternative facts". Merchanter's Luck and Tripoint also belong to this universe, but unlike Downbelow Station and Finity's End they are not essential to get the picture. Serpent's Reach is only remotely related to this universe, has a heroine, and fascinating bee-like aliens.

Ignore the prequel of Forge of Heavens, the Gene Wars universe was a short-lived disaster, but this book is one of Cherry's best, on the same level as The Bonfire of the Vanities. No Freeciv flag in this blog entry, check out Björk's SoundCloud, and don't let them do that to you:


YouTube Got Talent (pt. 2)

Next musician in need of some serious WikiLove, she's not even one of those women in red at the moment, and a registered #GirlsGotGroove hashtag does not help on YouTube, if nobody uses it. Unregistered used hashtags also don't work on YouTube, both cases yield a small error message for #foobar immediately followed by any ordinary search results for foobar without #.

After some religious debates with myself I finally kicked Sina's drum covers as not good enough from the In principio (pt. 1) + (pt. 2) playlists, and then upgraded some original tracks incl. Deep Purple's Child In Time in the Religiously Incorrect + Toxic Waste playlists to Sina's 201x versions. Maybe some purists scream, but as you could have read in this blog there was a hard timeout in February from my PoV, so (quote) fuck it (unquote), and I've posted the source of this quote in March.

Back to April, all fine, Google+ died as planned, but without its exorcist as eye-witness, and maybe one protective spell three months ago with Deep Purple's April worked. Standard question, what could possibly go wrong? Answer: (1) Spells sometimes work. (2) If they work they sometimes backfire. Putting that together, for a time-limited protective spell, back could be in time and hit the target instead of the caster. Which might be exactly what happened, if an also convoluted explanation involving an obscure toxic forum since about November doesn't suffice. Meanwhile it's May, let's forget the Deep Purple April 2019, it's history like Google+.

I collected lots of Karma-points for the possible spell-disaster on another Emma, a bad case of woman in red fixed in record time by some enthusiasts, thanks: On Wikipedia wikilinks are shown in blue if the article exists, or in red if it does not yet exist. Meanwhile somebody uploaded the 19 images extracted from one video on WikiMedia Commons, and sadly the somebody was me: I broke a three years old WikiMedia log-in strike for this business, and on the same day I found that enwiki offers an image upload request page for these cases, tested, works.

If you missed major parts of the drama, you might wonder what happened to the Topic, VEVO, and Vloggery channels, it's explained on enwiki Emma Blackery. Of course unrelated to the five years old drama, YouTube always finds the worst points in time for changes related to this musician. Admittedly losing YouTube Heros, Rewind 2018, and Google+ to one singing Slytherin and her allies must have been hard for Alphabet, and hopefully she doesn't plan to kill Blogger just because she could. Back to music, she released the studio version of Cute Without You in April is the cruellest month:


Mismade Girl

Sources:  Andrey Shpigar, The Juliette Society, and Renee Ruʇn.  One NSFW interview with Clara Cullen is hidden  (age protected) in the Mismade Girl  playlist, the birthday girl was in the shower, and one of the related links in the video description goes to some really nekkid  footage.

One year old podcast with Sluts & Scholars, one of them also fighting with the wonders of the YouTube Community Guidelines.  I'll try it again, maybe blurring a few critical pixels in 0.1 of 44 seconds, or removing some frames, when the 9to5 bonus scene  strike expired after 90 days:


The Google+ black list

Now that's against my rules as of (roughly) 1983 to 2018, or isn't it? Sometimes enwiki manages to surprise me, and I'm not talking about the major obstacles when not logged-in users try to add a perfectly valid film title on a biography. Admittedly Fuck  is exactly what vandals would try to write, and there's an edit filter trying to forbid it. I'm not telling you how to bypass the filter, if you don't know this you might be up to no good, and I hate vandals armed with a mobile phone and social media rumours.

JFTR, the complete title is Fuck Slaves, and I needed it to explain two different awards in one year, where the second award was related to an arguably notable film, i.e., one wikilink was required for my second good article  quest, and one statement about two awards needed both titles.

Google+ also tried to surprise me with its second "sexually explicit"  strike in a "privately shared"  (unlisted) collection. The content was a perfectly harmless review of The Juliette Society, only the domain of the publisher has an X before its BIZ. Exactly the same X before a CRIT as in the first strike for a perfectly harmless 2006 interview originally posted here (on blogspot), now again posted here (by me as embedded scribd-PDF, there's certainly no X in scribd.)

Chilling effects, I dare not post it here at the moment, Blogger could also hate the X, I only know that this is not about the content. Lame excuse, after buying the first part of the trilogy I should anyway read it before linking more reviews.

After testing the title link, this playlist is as the name says toxic. I stick to the now usual layout and added two videos here.


Post-modern feminist

Minor problem with my G+ backup strategy, five weeks ago there were 34 posts in a Mismade Girl collection, now there are 66 posts.  Almost everything is now also available here (or seriously NSFW, i.e., unsuited for this blog without age restriction.)

The YouTube playlist Mismade Girl now contains 62 videos:  I still have to check that 13 Vimeo videos are also available on YouTube and covered in this playlist, otherwise I can add them to the playlist, embed them here, or simply link dubious videos.

Scott Indrisek for Huffpost (2011-04-01)
Matteo Bittanti for Duellanti (2010-07-28)
Todd Konrad for IFQmag (2009), for cineasts

Leah Blewitt for FAULT (2013-10-24)

Carol Teixeira for A Obscena Senhorita C (2013)

Hard blasphemy strike near 21min in the July 2018 mix, some post-modern House instead of Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood, what next, some boy (under 31y) mutilating Vogue?  This is just wrong.😛


Bad feminist

After mentioning an obscure forum on also obscure enwiki talk page, maybe I'll address this issue later here. One reference at the bottom of this talk page (as of today) can fill the suspicious gap here—reduced to 45 seconds, the complete clip is good, open it in a new window if my allow="" (nothing) is too strict for this, or click on the title link of this blog entry.

Not adding the other possible label only because David Bowie is mentioned (outside of the 45 seconds), this is covered on the relevant enwiki page. Besides this death affected me less than the artist formerly known as Prince  in this millennium, maybe I simply missed the former, but needed a strong dose of Purple Rain for the latter.

Not as strong as five days of Third Eye 👁👁👁 in a loop, very apropos wrt potential self harm. Good luck for somebody apparently not following any advice (including her own), this creates some kind of impossible situation (or mission: impossible) for third parties (styling themselves as phans, don't ask.)

Fun facts, this is the 99th entry in the blog, the 99 Luftballons are now at 120, and an insane YouTube algorithm managed to suggest this today, instead of four weeks ago, or maybe in June, but not now

Mainstream Pop, no matter what, Paramore, Blackery, Madonna, Rihanna, Suzy Quatro's glam rock, whatever, is generally not at all my thing, never was, never will be. There are of course exceptions, e.g., Abba's I'm A Marionette or in essence the same story in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi, are just brilliant. YMMV, maybe you like Sucks to Be You:


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