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XML 10th anniversary
XML is ten years old, good to know, waiting for the monthly W2K patch orgy to finish I used the time for my education. The worst update this month are 36 MB for Adobe Reader 8.1.2.

Also ten years old is RFC 2277, the IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages. This is a nice piece of RFC number magic, RFC 2278 used to be the IANA Charset Registration Procedures, now 2978, and RFC 2279 used to be UTF-8, now 3629 (STD 63). The magic also works backwards, the predecessor of 2279 was 2044, and RFC 2045...2049 is MIME. The MIME type registration procedures used to be 1590 next to RFC 1591, i.e. what is today ICANN. After ten years they are now getting serious with I18N for domain names and other missing pieces in this puzzle.

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