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Secunia Psi RC3 and Psi IM v0.12

Secunia PSI RC3 is a brilliant tool to find insecure cruft on a box; it just helped me to get the latest XnView 1.94.2. But Psi is definitely a tool for folks with a vague idea what they need, e.g., it didn't tell me that some of my Sysinternals tools are not more up to date. I read the blog and decided to skip some minor fixes.

More serious, Psi still doesn't tell me that QT Lite 1.1.2 is insecure and past its end of live for W2K. A Real Alternative 1.60 Lite and a K-Lite codec pack 3.6.5 on my box were also horribly obsolete, but not reported by Psi. These unofficial alternatives are quite popular for various compelling reasons, but on W2K it's time to say good bye to QT including its lite alternative.

More on the funny side, and also reported again as missing, Secunia Psi still does not identify Psi IM, a jabber client, now at version 0.12. The release notes don't mention security issues in 0.11, they also didn't tell me that running install works as an upgrade (fortunately it did), and I still have no clue how to convince Firefox and/or W2K that Psi can handle xmpp URIs. If that is the case, the documentation is rather inconclusive.

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frank said...

PSI 2.0 is now available for Windows 7. I stick to the old version, because it still also works for W2K.


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