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MD5 1.7: verified errata

All pending errata for the MD5 test suite are now verified by the IESG; thanks to Alexey Melnikov. The oldest erratum 749 about an MD5 example in RFC 2069 was submitted 2005-02-06 and verified 2010-07-11. Now I feel less bad about dropping out for two years.

For historical reasons the MD5 test suite is one of my REXX scripts still published as cmd-file instead of a rex-file. On an OS/2 box REXX is the default scripting language using file extension cmd. An ordinary OS/2 cmd.exe-shell script never starts with "/*"; any script starting with "/*" is interpreted as REXX.

Good old PC DOS 7 uses extension bat for scripts, and the text editor KEDIT uses kex for its macros; both also identify REXX by "/*" in line 1.

Please do not feed OS/2 REXX cmd-scripts to the Windows NT cmd.exe-shell; you would get numerous errors. For NT simply rename md5.cmd to md5.rex and let ooREXX interpret it.

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