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Google - you get what you paid for

With a few exceptions Google services have the unacceptable feature to be associated with an account forever. So if you test say "feedburner" once, and then decide that this is yet another data kraken and never use it again (for years), it will still be listed in the Google accounts dashboard. In theory you could delete the complete account including blogs, mails, images, videos, docs, sites, etc. — in practice folks trying this often show up in the blogger help forum whining about their lost blog and images.

Episode 1: I sent a complaint about "google moderator" to Google's privacy officer. This is actually an obscure HTML form creating no confirmation mail and no ticket number. After weeks my privacy complaint still got no reply. I'll test it again when I get around to it, complete with screenshots of the HTML form, as this isssue might require an intervention by Hamburg's privacy officer.

Episode 2: My entry in "places" is associated with an off by two photo in "maps". After a considerable amount of time I figured out how to report this issue. This actually resulted in a timely mail answer, but the mail came from a noreply bounce address offering no way to answer. My report was that they swapped the photos for house X and X+2. Sh*t happens, this was incorrect, they systematically show X+2 for X for the given street. I have no way to fix my semi-erroneous report, this is stupid. Never send noreply mail if you are not a mail-bot, this infuriates customers and users. Why should they use valid and valuable mail-addresses, when the other side uses bounce-addresses?

Episode 3: The new Chrome "apps" store apparently records all installed apps, even after they were removed. I submitted a complaint about this, because I do not recall where or when I permitted this violation of my privacy, and I certainly do not know how to withdraw this permission.

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