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Go, Duck, go

Reader redesign: Terrible decision, or worst decision? and another article discuss the next step of what will be known as the demise of Google: Now they have crippled Google Reader. It even doesn't work anymore in Chrome.

What used to be a single click Like or Share in Reader is now gone, and the new Reader UI is a disaster, as one of the creators of the original UI states. In theory I could join the G+ beta tests, but as it happens I'm not interested to risk my Google account including Blogger and Gmail with an acknowledgement of the G+ beta test ToS.

Check out Duck Duck Go lite while it's still a free no-nonsense search engine. And do not waste time with Google APIs or services, sadly they will be gone or munged until no-good before you begin to grok what they were about.

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frank said...

I never "sign a petition" if the signature offers no back link, but made an exception for Reader today (Google Docs form, allegedly over 13000 signatures within a single day)


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