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I've moved leo-dict.xml and leo-gghp.xml to Web space hosted by Google. Both offer a simple form for a service provided by LEO, English to German (or vice versa) translations.

Add to Google  leo-dict.xml uses Content type html for Googlets  with target="_top" as required by LEO, resulting in an <iframe> on an iGoogle-page or wherever it's used. Of course this only works with browsers and devices supporting <iframe>.

Add to Google  leo-gghp.xml uses Content type html-inline without target="_top", resulting in an ordinary search form on an iGoogle-page working with any browser, at least it works for me. There are various disadvantages of html-inline, e.g., users are asked if they really trust that this Googlet  won't screw up the layout of their iGoogle-page (it could with some JavaScript magic). On the other hand html-inline could also work on PDAs.


frank said...

After Google deleted, oops, migrated all old Google Page Creator pages (a.k.a. googlepages) I'm now trying to fix all broken "googlet" links in this blog.

frank said...

BTW, almost all inline gadgets are deprecated, and I retired my inline gadgets in 2008.


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