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sitemap.cmd 0.3

FWIW I've added the schema magic to sitemap.cmd (0.3), adjusting the documentation of the REXX ftpsynch wannabe-content management system.

Apart from being a bit longer and overwriting siteold.xml the new version now passes XML schema validation. Caveat, don't use its buggy text/html output at the moment.

Unrelated, Google's page creator rewrites an uploaded sitemap 0.90 automagically into a sitemap 0.84 removing all <lastmod> elements. Or rather it did that last week for e.g. this sitemap, maybe it's one of the experimental features.

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frank said...

GPC and its sitemaps are now of course obsolete. The new "google sites" create sitemaps as feed for what is known as "page" in "google sites" (not the other files known as "attachments").


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