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MD5 test suite 1.2

The MD5 test suite version 1.2 finally supports streaming and bit string input:

   hash = MD5( bytes )          ==> MD5 of an octet string
   ctxt = MD5( bytes, '' )      ==> init.  new MD5 context
   ctxt = MD5( bytes, ctxt )    ==> update old MD5 context
   hash = MD5( /**/ , ctxt )    ==> finalize   MD5 context
   hash = MD5( bytes, /**/, n ) ==> MD5 of n zero-fill bits
   ctxt = MD5( bytes, ''  , n ) ==> init.  MD5 bit context
   ctxt = MD5( bytes, ctxt, n ) ==> update MD5 bit context

Also added: APR1 can determine the hashed passwords used by BSD and Apache htpasswd. This is a function also offered by openssl passwd -1 and openssl passwd -apr1, for details see a manual of the openssl command line tool.

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