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The classic SPF FAQ

After years on the SPF help list it is interesting that some folks still have difficulties with the very simple idea behind SPF. Modified question to protect the innocent:

my mail is MX relayed via anti.spam.example and then on to good.isp.example, and good.isp.example is reapplying SPF as if anti.spam.example were the originating MTA.

Answer: If anti.spam.example forwards mail to third parties it is the originating MTA as far as SPF checkers at these third parties are concerned.

can anyone say whether SPF would normally have any problems with mail relay?

Answer: No problems with mail relays on the side of the sender or on the side of the receiver. SPF is in essence for the one critical hop where two unknown strangers (sender and receiver) meet.

Now if you introduce a second critical hop in the form of "forwarding to third party" this will nowhere work "as is":

S -> F -> R instead of S -> R

The sender S defines S-IPs permitted to send MAIL FROM S. The sender S has no reason to permit sending IPs of any forwarder F or forger F, in fact S has no idea who F is.

The receiver R checks that MAIL FROM S comes from one of the S-IPs as defined in the sender policy of S. Without intervention sending IPs of forwarder F will FAIL, as for sending IPs of a forger F.

There is no difference between "forwarding to third party" and "forging" wrt SPF. Of course there are some things a legit F or R could optionally do:

  • R could white list F as legacy forwarder (legit forger).
  • F could rewrite MAIL FROM S to S@F (like mailing lists).
  • F could store mails, and let R use say POP3 to fetch it.

If F and R do nothing about this situation – and that is perfectly allowed – R sees a FAIL, and hopefully rejects the MAIL FROM S actually sent from F.

After that F is obliged to send an error report (bounce) back to S. The sender S can then bypass the forwarder F and send the mail directly to R (if the bounce contained the real address at R).

If you think that there is a problem, then your problem is almost certainly with forwarder F, not with S or R.

It is up to you how you solve your problem with F. In my opinion an entity using the name anti.spam.example should know that forwarding mail "as is" to third parties is a part of the problem, YMMV.

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