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HTML5: asinine + selfish

HTML5 "reuses the well-known URL moniker in the most asinine way, and blames the other standards (which he thankfully has no control over) for not supporting all of the possible crappy raw data that could be input in an HTML attribute."

"That's why this whole discussion about creating new identifiers and new protocols in HTML is a total waste of time — the rest of the world does not want it and will not allow it to be published as HTML5. Pound the sand all you like; the network standards will not change because they are designed to support everyone's needs, not just the selfish desires of a very small set of browser developers."

So far from a co-author of RFC 3986 (the Internet Standard STD 66 for URLs) and of RFC 2616 (the currently revised HTTP specification) in one of the various HTML5 flame wars.¹

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