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After a year one of my googlets is apparently used by some folks, great, it encouraged me to work on the whole set, add some settings such as the help language on the PDA LEO googlets, and create a gallery.

New entries are googlets for the German and English Heise whois for older browsers without OpenSearch support. For a different preview see googlemodules. No, I've not given up on the command line rxwhois client, but allegedly some users don't like command lines... ;-)

Another new entry is a MetaWikiHelp googlet, the Wikipedia help often is not good enough when working on other MediaWikis with different features and rules.


frank said...

Chrome 8 also doesn't support OpenSearch, get the "Search Center" extension for this purpose.

frank said...

Cleaning up old mails I found this bogus comment: Of course Chrome supports OpenSearch well enough, and once you know how this works it's better than an obscure extension, which clearly cannot handle OpenSearch descriptions.


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