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An attempt to add this blog to finally worked, while I was at it I created a HH-web search googlet and learned some new CSS tricks.

For years I used hreflang="de" in links to German sites on English pages or vice versa, without visible effect, and likely no effect at all. Now I found a way to do something with it:

:link[hreflang]:hover:after {
     content: " " attr(hreflang); font-weight: 100;  
     vertical-align: super; font-size: xx-small;   }

This construct matches links with a hreflang, and displays the value as small as possible at the end of the link while the mouse hovers over it. Test it with the HH-web link above.

Another nice CSS feature is :target, not displaying the ugly blogger dashboard is one thing, but now I can also get it back when I need it with an invisible link in the upper left corner of this blog.

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