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Some days ago Mark noted on the Official Google Blog that UTF-8 finally managed to be more popular than US-ASCII, I found it on the Q&A Weblog.

Actually it is not that impressive, it merely shows the Unicode conspiracy at work, UTF-8 is designed to replace US-ASCII in the next decades, one encoding to rule them all.

But it is fascinating to see the usual suspects working together on IDNAbis, another important step in the master plan, among others Vint as author of RFC 20, Mark as co-author of UTF-7 when UTF-8 was not yet ready for prime time, Harald as author of RFC 2277, and John who recently added two critical missing pieces to the puzzle:

  • RFC 5137 - ASCII Escaping of Unicode Characters (BCP 137)
  • RFC 5198 - Unicode Format for Network Interchange

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